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              Equipment List

              20 Punch Presses ranging from 10 tons to 220 tons, including:
              220 Ton Komatsu with 57" x 35" bed
              110 Ton Komatsu Servo Press with 43" x 28" bed, with cushion.
              110 Ton Komatsu with 43" x 28" bed, with cushion. Can do about 3 inch draw.
              90 Ton Walsh with 42" x 27" bed, with cushion.
              65 Ton Walsh with 34" x 20" bed, with cushion.
              45 Ton Danly with 28" x 18" bed, with cushion.
              Various Coil Reels, Straighteners, and Material Handling Equipment.

              12 Injection Molding Machines ranging from 10 tons to 80 tons, including:
              80 Ton Autojectors Horizontal MM, 4.4 oz. shot size, 24" x 22" platen, 27.95" daylight.
              50 Ton Autojectors Horizontal MM, 2.93 oz. shot size, 19" x 19" platen, 24.8" daylight.
              22 Ton Boy Horizontal MM with Procan Control, vertical (parting line) injection, 1.0 oz. shot size, 10" x 9" platen, 15" daylight.
              5 Fractional oz, Insert Molding Machines.
              Various Material Dryers, Granulators, and Material Handling Equipment.

              TOOL ROOM
              2000 Fanuc 0iA Wire EDM
              2 Clausing Lathes
              2 Bridgeport Milling Machines with DRO.
              Jones & Shipman ID/OD Grinder
              Various Surface Grinders
              Autocad and Mastercam design software

              Brown & Sharp Micro Val CMM
              Microview Comparator
              Various Micrometers, Calibers, Height Gages, etc.
              QA/S GainSeeker SPC Software
              Gage Track Calibration Software


              1616 Berkley Street
              Elgin, IL 60123
              Phone: 773.342.7757
              Fax: 773.342.8329