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              "Simplomatic does an excellent job to us. Mark has always been read to help, or proactive in contacting me if there is a problem with delivery."
              -Supply Chain Analyst, Automotive Manufacturer

              "Simplomatic is very responsive with issues concerning quality or deliveries. Mark is always ready to help with any problems we have. On time delivery is excellent with delivery dates and quantities."
              -Supply Chain Analyst, Automotive Manufacturer

              "Please thank your Team for keeping 'accurate' shipments to our schedules. It makes my life easy!!"
              - Material Planner, Automotive Manufacturer

              "You guys are a pleasure to deal with. Dave is great and when he's out I can count on Joe and Mark. Thanks."
              - Buyer, Seal Manufacturer

              "Keep up the great job!! Thank you!"
              - Buyer, Seal Manufacturer

              "Lisa, Mark & TJ do an excellent job. They all go beyond the call of duty for my company."
              - Material Analyst, Automotive Manufacturer

              "Pat has been an ease to work with – very responsive to our needs. Simplomatic has shown a high level of customer satisfaction in a difficult product line. Thanks."

              - Purchasing Manager, Bearing Manufacture

              1616 Berkley Street
              Elgin, IL 60123
              Phone: 773.342.7757
              Fax: 773.342.8329